Sony could be bringing Playstation to your iPhone or Android phone.

Sony announced in a press release on Thursday(March 24th 2016) that it is creating a new business unit called ForwardWorks.

ForwardWorks will work on using Sony's unique library of PlayStation games, characters and technical expertise  to create products for smart devices including smartphones.

The announcement limits the immediate scope of this to Japan and Asia, where mobile gaming has become very mainstream, at the expense of home consoles such as PlayStation 4.

Sony's move is similar to the moves that Nintendo has made moving towards developing games for mobile platforms other than it's own 3DS.

Nintendo has also been testing the waters in mobile gaming on smart devices with it's game Miitomo, a smartphone social game based on the 3Ds game Tomodachi Life available for iOS and Android devices. Miitomo launched first in Japan and is planned to spread toother markets very soon.

A comparable title for Playstation would be Toro's Friend Network , a social game for PS Vita that connects you to your PSN friends. Toro is well known in Japan as Sony PlayStation's mascot.  Perhaps we will see Toro making an appearance on iOS and Android before too long?

With PS Vita now fading, Sony's presence in mobile gaming needs a boost. ForwardWorks looks to provide that boost. Hopefully this will not be limited to Japan and Asia for too long.