Sony has good reason to be happy with the price of PlayStation VR, as pre-orders are going through the roof.

In a new MCV interview , PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan said he's more than comfortable with the retail price:

"I am extremely comfortable with the RRP. These are obviously decisions that we think about hugely; we always do. We always try to represent good value in our pricing, and we think we have done that with PlayStation VR."

Not long after announcing the date and price for the upcoming PlayStation 4 virtual reality device, pre-orders opened in Europe, and then Sony revealed the official Launch Bundle for North America and that has disappeared quickly. It briefly reappeared at Amazon but as GameSpot noted , it sold out again in just a few hours. You might still get lucky at GameStop or Best Buy, though.

PlayStation VR goes for $400 in the U.S. (that Launch Bundle is priced at $500), while it retails for €400 in Europe, £350 in the United Kingdom, $550 in Australia, and ¥44,980 in Japan. Obviously, consumers have no problem with these numbers.

Of course, it also begs the question: Will Sony be able to handle this explosive demand? Ryan wasn't ready to make any predictions but he did say:

"It's hard to tell. The news on preorders is extremely encouraging, but I'd be very wary about extrapolating how we'll do through to launch based on less than 24 hours. I would say that the early preorders has surpassed our initial expectations.

So that suggests demand, and therefore day one, might be quite significant."

Are you one of the lucky ones that snagged a unit already? Or are you planning to wait?