It's the year of virtual reality, as PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are ready to explode onto the interactive gaming market.

If you had to guess, though, would you have said that console gamers are actually the most interested in this fancy new tech?

Well, they are, according to a new market survey (as cited by A-List Daily ). The survey tapped consumers in Europe and as it turns out, 63 percent of console gamers polled showed interest in VR, which is well up from only 51 percent of the PC audience. And when they focused exclusively on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the percentage grew to 72. Of course, we have to remember that while Vive and Oculus require high-end PCs, and are more expensive, something like PlayStation VR is simply cheaper and more accessible.

37 percent of the 72 percent responded with "very high interest," too, which is probably good news for PlayStation VR. The device, recently priced and dated , has certainly gotten plenty of attention and if you're already convinced, you need to spring on the official Launch Bundle , which just went up for pre-order yesterday.

You down for some VR experiences this year?

Thanks, BikerSaint!