Remember when Bungie went and removed that Loot Cave in Destiny ?

Bummer, right? Well, if you don't act fast, you won't be able to take advantage of something similar in Tom Clancy's The Division , the well-received and record-breaking new multiplayer-centric shooter.

In the video below, you can find this Loot Cave, which involves the world boss in the Autumn's Hope section of the game. Get there quick because in a recent update on the game's Twitter page , they said:

"The team is already working on it ;)"

By the way, if you want to take advantage of this particular "Loot Cave" – if we can really call it that – you need a pretty advanced character because you have to take down a Level 30 boss (the Bullet King). If you can slay him, he'll drop purple gear and Phoenix credits, but do NOT kill his minions; if you do, Bullet King will respawn. After he's dead, return to the safe house and respawn; when you go back out, the boss will be back. Just beat him again and loot him again!

Ubisoft will have a new update ready by the end of the week and chances are, this lucrative little glitch will disappear then. In other news, the publisher honored the game's first Level 99 Dark Zoner , and we also know The Division set a new five-day revenue record .

It comes highly recommended; if you haven't already, check out our freshly posted review .

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