It was pretty big news: PSN and Xbox Live users playing together .

Of course, even though Microsoft extended the invitation, Sony needed to respond (and don't forget that developers will have to opt to back this new cross-platform feature).

Well, Sony has offered an encouraging albeit vague statement; as GameSpot reports , the company obviously isn't dismissing the idea out of hand but also isn't ready to make any commitments just yet. Sony also reminds us that PlayStation has offered cross-platform play with PC for years, dating all the way back to Final Fantasy XI on the PS2. The statement reads simple:

We would be happy to have the conversation with any publishers or developers who are interested in cross platform play. "

If it ever happens, it means the deal would end over 10 years of complete separation between PlayStation and Xbox players, which would definitely change the face of the industry. The question is how often developers would take advantage of the option, and how difficult it might be to implement. Then there's the other question: Do PlayStation fans even want to play with Xboxers? ūüėČ