So it's finally been announced, Playstation VR is coming to PS4 in October. Sony released the news during GDC this week that the VR will be coming albiet slightly later than planned. It's price is $399 which I consider to be pretty decent. It's about where I was expecting for what is pretty much like another system.

It seems like it really is the year of VR. I'm pretty excited for it although I'm probably not going to be an early adopter. I think this kind of technolog has some pretty neat potential and I hope developers come up with some neat ideas for games. Over at the Playstation they said it will have more than 50 games at launch. Which is actually quite a bit.

Playstation also showed what is going to be coming in the consumer set of the headset pictured below:

I kind of wonder what all that stuff is. Obviously some of those cords are for connecting to the PS4 in some manner but I'm curious how it all works. We'll have to see in October when it's finally released. My interest is definitely peaked, how about yours? Look for some news on VR games coming soon.