Hope you're not expecting to see Hideo Kojima's next game project any time soon.

But realistically, how could you expect such a thing? As a reminder, the Metal Gear Solid master said during the latest HideoTube episode (pasted in below) that he has only "just started on the basic plan" for his new project.

They chat about movies in the broadcast (they talk a lot about the 88th Academy Awards) and Kojima said that while he understands people want to hear about his next game, it's just too early:

"Since the studio was just founded (in December 2015), it's still way too early to be talking about that. Right? We don't have the staff, no building, just started the basic plan. I'm in the middle of figuring out how I want the studio to look. Please wait a bit longer."

Kojima then said his plans for the new Kojima Productions include a "small team" consisting of individuals "who have passion, are energetic, people who inspire each other." Yeah, well, you can bet that competition for these positions will be absolutely insane , so I wouldn't bother applying unless you know you're a highly sought-after commodity.

Kojima's 2015 saga wasn't pretty, as we all know: "Power struggles" at Konami resulted in the legendary designer's departure later in the year, and the resulting fallout was such a pain, Kojima said he actually considered escaping to a desert island . But man, when he and Sony announced their new partnership (meaning his next game will be exclusive to the PlayStation platform), well, that was another piece of huge news.

Frankly, I think we can all just stop pestering the guy for a while. Let him work his magic and when he's ready to show us something, he will.