If you never played the first two games and you love killing zombies retro style, this is for you.

Publisher Deep Silver has announced the Dead Island Definitive Collection ; it will release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 31. The cool announcement trailer is below.

This package includes "definitive" versions of the original Dead Island , the follow-up undead-slayin' adventure Dead Island: Riptide and a new old-school slash-'em-up called Dead Island: Retro Revenge . The first two games have been "fully remastered" and will feature all the available DLC and patches, as one might expect. They're even giving us a totally revamped visual presentation, which includes better textures, a photorealistic lighting system and image quality enhancements via anti-aliasing.

If you plan to get this on PS4 (and of course, you will, right?), you can take advantage of the new Remote Play and Share Play features as well, and don't forget that all these games boast four-player online co-op. And here's a brief description of Retro Revenge :

This will have to satisfy those who are still missing Dead Island 2 . Though it was initially revealed at E3 2014 with a bad-ass trailer , the project fell on hard times: First came a big delay , and then the news that developer Yager and Deep Silver had gone their separate ways . As of now, we don't know the status of this sequel.

But hey, lots of remastered zombie-killin' goodness here, and plenty of co-op fun to be had!