It's no secret that my love affair with JRPGs has long since dissipated, if not entirely disappeared.

The glory days of the PS1 are long gone and I will never support the idea that those old-school mechanics – both turn-based and hybrid styles – are simply "inferior" because of lacking technology. They offered different interactive options for those who put strategy and story first, and that's that.

But additionally, the quality of the JRPG and sadly, of many Japanese games in general, has decreased over the years. It's just that simple. I still hold out hope for some upcoming titles like Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness and Persona 5 , but I've never been a huge fan of either. Well, Star Ocean: The 2nd Story on PS1 is still one of my favorite games of all time but I never completed a Star Ocean title after that. And Final Fantasy was dead to me after the travesty that was Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII .

I've always liked Kingdom Hearts , though, and I really think the third entry will be fantastic. Furthermore, it will offer a lighthearted spin on the darker themes we see so often today, and while I'm no Disney fanboy, I can certainly appreciate the iconic mascots. They just better give me a way to keep some of those characters in my party this time around, you know? Don't force me to stick with Donald and Goofy forever. Then toss in a magical narrative and those beautifully drawn and nostalgic locales, and I'll be good to go.

I just wish Square Enix would give us a finalized release date, damnit.