It happens every now and then:

You sit down to play a game you're convinced you'll love, only to find with shocking disappointment that you not only don't love it…you kinda hate it.

It doesn't happen as often these days, what with the abundance of previews and gameplay videos and all that. Typically, you know what you're getting yourself into even if you do just five minutes of research. But it's still possible and you're just never prepared when it happens. In my case, it was the PlayStation 4 remake of the PS2 classic Amplitude , which may sound like a weird choice but trust me, it's one of my biggest disappointments in recent memory.

It's not just because I loved the PS2 game and played it constantly. It's also because I had very high expectations for the PS4 iteration; I mean, how hard can it be to simply update the PS2 game? That's really all they needed to do. But I drastically underestimated the disappearance of most licensed music, and I didn't realize just how unbelievably repetitive that techno/electro garbage really is. Some of it is kind of cool but I'm sorry, I don't believe any of it takes an immense amount of skill to produce and in the end, it barely qualifies as "music" in my mind.

This directly impacted the gameplay because each track started to seem very similar to other tracks because…well, let's face it, there aren't a whole lot of distinct instruments on display in this genre. Hell, I wonder how they even managed to separate some of those tracks, as one would often sound virtually identical to another. Additionally, the visual style was really disconcerting, as if they tried too hard to make it slick and appealing. The whole thing just flopped big time in my eyes, and that sucks 'cuz I expected great things.

What about you?