We've been waiting patiently since the awesome Red Dead Redemption launched back in 2010, and now we deserve some news.

Perhaps we'll get it at E3 2016. Cross your fingers and toes!

CEO Strauss Zelnick just told MCV (via VideoGamer ) that Take-Two Interactive – the parent company of Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar – that they will be at E3 "in a big way." Well, now that Grand Theft Auto V is available on every platform, and we've heard Take-Two say Red Dead is a very strong IP for them, it stands to reason that a new entry is in the works.

Right now, we know the company will bring us the likes of Mafia III (which may be out sooner rather than later this year) and the multiplayer shooter Battleborn . Aside from that, we don't have any official news concerning Rockstar's next huge project; at this point, it almost certainly isn't GTAVI and despite everyone pining for a new Bully or something like that, all signs point to Red Dead .

E3 2016 is in mid-June, so I'd strongly suggest paying close attention. Take-Two might just drop a big ol' Western bombshell on the crowd and if they do, there are gonna be lots of happy campers in that audience and around the world. I'll definitely be one of 'em. I still think they should do a prequel where John Marston starts out as part of the gang he leaves behind in RDR. What do you think?