It's easily one of the funnest games of the generation and yeah, it deserves a physical release.

Currently, the award-winning Rocket League is only available digitally. But that will soon change.

Psyonix Studios vice president Jeremy Dunham confirmed a disc version of the game during a new Twitch TV episode of Kinda Funny Games' Colin and Greg Live . Dunham said the deal was getting done this week and we'd learn more soon. Not long after, the official news popped up on the game's Facebook page .

In the announcement, Psyonix said they plan to make the retail version "special," so expect more content and other updates. What an awesome option for those who haven't yet had the pleasure! Recently, the developer spoke about the possibility of adding more players to each match (right now, the max is 8; 4-on-4), saying they'd need to create bigger arenas .