So the word is that PlayStation VR might launch this fall .

If it really does come out for the holiday season, that could be a very big deal, even if gamers are a little slow to adopt this fresh and unproven technology.

The hype surrounding this thing will be through the roof (hell, it already is) and that alone might rocket PS4 to a big holiday victory. We're often talking about the importance of software in regards to hardware performance during the critical fourth quarter. But in this situation, it could be the accessory to end all accessories that gives PS4 sales a huge boost. Plus, if it really does come out with a $300 price point , that could make this particular VR device extremely attractive.

Of course, if Oculus Rift and other VR machines beat PlayStation VR to market, that could be a problem. Those willing to jump onto the VR bandwagon are almost guaranteed to pick one particular device and go with it. And if they're particularly anxious, they might just snag the first one that's available, even if it's significantly more expensive than Sony's offering. Still, it stands to reason that PS4 will benefit from the release of the previously named Project Morpheus, so maybe we don't need a heavy-hitting exclusive for the holiday 2016 season.

What do you think?