It didn't enjoy the smoothest roll-out but thankfully, the majority of the issues should be fixed.

Street Fighter V had some online and connectivity problems when it launched earlier this week, but Capcom was on top of it.

Speaking on the SFV Server Twitter page , producer Yoshinori Ono apologized for the issues and said the flaws have been addressed, so PlayStation 4 and PC users should now have a much better experience.

Matchmaking problems should be gone now as well, but feel free to let Capcom know if you experience connectivity issues of any kind. For updates on the PC version, be sure to check the game's Steam thread . It's a good thing Capcom ran all those "stress tests" after the original beta flopped hardcore; otherwise, these issues probably would've been a lot worse.

Street Fighter V has received solid critical acclaim , though the scores aren't quite as high as some would've hoped. What do you think of it so far?

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