Telltale Games is just about ready to give us yet another fantastic narrative-driven experience.

The developer showed off a new gameplay video for The Walking Dead: Michonne , the latest entry in the game series based on the hit TV show.

This six-minute trailer gives us a great look at the story and characters, which are of course the driving force behind all Telltale productions. The focal point, Michonne, should make for a very intriguing mini-protagonist, as Telltale said in a recent PlayStation Blog post :

"Playing as Michonne makes for a signature Telltale experience. Deeply haunted by some of the decisions of her past, Michonne was the mother of two children when she was making headway in her career as a lawyer. With priorities shifting away from her family during the devastating outbreak, she is forever regretful of her inability to be there to save her family. In the extended preview video, we step into the shoes and the mind of Michonne for the first time, as today we are revealing the first look at the miniseries’ prologue."

The first episode in this new three-part miniseries will drop on February 23; it'll be called "In Too Deep" and it'll be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac. The iOS and Android versions will follow on February 25. You gotta check this out:

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