The word "immersion" has an exact definition but in the world of interactive entertainment, it has slightly different meanings for everyone.

Or rather, the definition might not change but how each of us achieves immersion is different. Either way, which genre do you think benefits most from virtual reality?

I guess the simple answer might be, "whatever genre you like best." After all, you're more likely to become immersed in a genre of gaming you prefer, right? And if VR does its job and simply enhances that experience in every possible way, that would be the category that would most benefit, right? Then again, perhaps you have a different perspective; maybe you think VR could turn your attention to a genre you never really liked before. Maybe it'll make sports and racing games so amazing you just can't pass them up, or they'll make shooters so dynamic and realistic, you'll get hooked.

Then there are those who think VR is about more than making the action seem real; it's about making the world come alive. In this way, you might say role-playing games will get the biggest boost from virtual reality, just because the technology allows us to really believe we're inhabiting a fantasy realm. And as that's really the goal of many RPGs – to foster singular immersion via atmosphere and environment – one has to conclude that the unique bonuses afforded by VR are, at the very least, intriguing.

When PlayStation VR comes out, it could change gamer perspective in more ways than one. And if it really does have a $300 price tag , the experience will be more accessible to more people right out of the gate. Haven't had a peek at some of the games you could sample? Here are ten to keep an eye out for: