Some sour grapes because the original didn't come to a PlayStation platform? Or legitimately no interest?

Whatever the reason, despite the fact that Titanfall 2 is almost certainly headed to PlayStation 4, the majority of our readers remain unimpressed.

After last week's news that the anticipated Titanfall sequel would probably boast an actual campaign , we wanted to know if the PSXE community would be excited to see Titanfall 2 on PS4. The answer, however, was a resounding "no," as the vast majority said they really don't care at all. Developer Respawn Entertainment didn't win over a lot of gamers when the first game lacked a single-player component. And of course, its absence from the PlayStation world was annoying, too.

This week, though, we reverse gears and focus on a PS4 exclusive: Street Fighter V . After numerous beta tests and a boatload of hype, the final launch date – February 16 – is very nearly here. So, you gettin' it this week? Did that full-length CG trailer convince you? And do you love watching the character gameplay ? Or are you just not into fighters? Let us know.

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