All I can say is, "It's about damn time!"

Resident Evil is one of my favorite video game franchises of all time.  I've played all the main games of the franchise (Resident Evil 1-6, including Code Veronica), and also some of its spin-off games (the Revelation games).  Since then, I've been eagerly waiting for the next main game on the franchise, which is supposedly Resident Evil 7.

According to Yibada , the closest that fans can hear about Resident Evil 7 would be by June of this year, in the anticipated E3 event. Rumors claim that there will be an official announcement of the game on the said event, but Capcom has not revealed anything heavy enough to back up the statement. So far, the Resident Evil franchise still keeps the ball in the hands of the latest spin-off shooter, Resident Evil Umbrella Corps which is set to release on May 2016.

Meanwhile, observers are also saying that "Resident Evil 7" will get a proper treatment and will go back to its horror survival roots, with a captivating story as the focus. According to Movie Pilot , the development team listened to fan feedback on "Resident Evil 6" and then checked out what changes they can make to make "Resident Evil 7" as interesting as possible to players.

If Capcom can insert more survival horror element in Resident Evil 7, I think it will make the audience more happy. Here's hoping that Leon and Ada will be included as one of the main characters of the game as they are my favorite characters in the franchise.  Well, that's just me.

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