Didja have fun with Season 1?

Season One Ranked Play for the hugely successful Rocket League has officially ended; developer Psyonix announced the news via the game's Twitter page .

Season One concluded at about 1 p.m. PST yesterday and the team disabled the Ranked Playlists shortly thereafter, so they could prepare for the new patch and Season 2. Is everyone ready for another madcap go-'round with one of the most entertaining games evah?!

Season 2 will boast new divisions, titles and other great features, so dive in ASAP. You'll first have to prove your skill level by playing ten matches, after which you'll be placed in one of three divisions. Psyonix did say your placement will also be affected by your performance in Season 1, so if you did well, expect to be in a higher division. Gotta deliver the goods during those ten matches, though.

And hey, did you hear about that special secret …?

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6 years ago

So that expains the patch that poped up this morning. I guess i'll checkout the update.