Up for another bad-ass beta?

The beta tests continue to roll in at a pretty solid clip in early 2016; not long after the betas for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and Tom Clancy's The Division , Square Enix has announced the Hitman beta.

This test is coming to PlayStation 4 on February 12 (just a few more days!) and to PC on February 19. Sorry, Xbox One owners, but no mention was made of your platform.

If you want to guarantee yourself a spot in this test, you have to pre-order a digital copy of IO Interactive's latest effort. You will have the option of the Full Experience , Intro Pack and Collector's Editions, but bear in mind that those pre-ordering the physical copy of the game won't get into the beta. For more info, click here .

As for exactly what you'll be testing, Square Enix is preparing the prologue for you:

"That's the very beginning of the game, set at a top secret recruitment and training facility. The Prologue revolves around how Agent 47 joined the ICA and shows the first time that 47 meets his long-time handler, Diana Burnwood."

You'll also be able to perform two "free-form" training hits, which can be replayed as many times as you like during the beta. The beta on PS4 officially begins at 8 a.m. PST // 11 a.m. EST on February 12 and ends on February 15 . PC players can jump in at 2 a.m. PST / 5 a.m. EST on February 19 and this runs until February 22 at the same time.

The only downside? Any progress you make in the beat won't transfer over to the full product. Oh well, at least we still get to test it out, right? Hitman is slated to launch on March 11 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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6 years ago

I think what some developers and/or publishers are now doing with treating their beta's as a pre-order scheme is immoral in my book.

Beta's are supposed to be for finding & fixing unforeseen bugs, not a direct monetary stepping-stone purchase.

Just my own opinion here, but I hope most gamers will continue to be intelligent enough not to pre-order a game just so they can get into these sketchy-kind of betas.
Remember they need us more than we need them, so let's force them to make their beta's for the correct & only reason, by not buying into pre-order beta's.