Crowdfunding campaigns typically exist because a developer knows a publisher won't put up the money to back the idea.

And these days, a strategy game from the mind of the man who brought us Final Fantasy Tactics doesn't exactly generate visions of dollar signs. So, that's why FFT director Yasumi Matsuno took to Kickstarter for his new vision.

It's called Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians and it became fully funded back in 2014; 15,824 backers offered up over $660,000 and the project started on a promising note. But nothing has gone smoothly, unfortunately.

In a new update on the game's Kickstarter page (click the link above), development team Playdek first apologized for the big gap between updates to fans; in fact, this was the first new post on the page since October. Then they dished out the bad news: Several "key staff" members have left the team, and this has had a definite impact on the progress they could make on the game. It could even alter the company's focus, so sadly, Unsung Story is now on hold:

"We now have one internal team capable of working on a single project, and for the financial strength of the company, we need to focus on a few products in the near term that have the ability to get to a retail release before Unsung Story is able to. While this is a difficult choice to make, it is one we need to do for the ongoing financial health of the company."

Playdek did say they'd consider the possibility of working with an outside developer to assist, though they don't sound too confident about finding a partner. Right now, there's no estimated date for the completion of Unsung Story , nor do they really have a direction for the project. Talk about depressing.

The idea was to create a "complex and rich game world" that utilized "inspiring class-based tactics gameplay" but we may never see it, unfortunately. 'sigh'