If you're excited for Dark Souls III , maybe you'd like a preview of one of the game's classes.

This might appeal to those who gravitated toward the faster action in From Software's PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne : It's newly released gameplay of the Thief class.

The developers showed it off during a recent livestream and we got a great look at how the Thief will take to the battlefield. He uses a bow and arrow for his weapon and he also has a nifty side-step ability, which allows him to steer clear of charging foes. He can also wield a simple small blade and shield and unsurprisingly, the Thief likes to backstab his enemies. It's obviously all about tact and timing here because you really need to plan ahead if you wish to stay alive.

Dark Souls III will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 24. Japanese gamers will get the enviable option of specially-themed PS4 systems , but everyone will have access to the upcoming Dark Souls comic issues .

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