The new Hitman is shaping up to be an incredibly dynamic, involving experience.

Just take a peek at the new trailer released by Square Enix called "World of Assassination;" it's pasted in below.

The video asks viewers to look closer at their surroundings, see what's lurking in the shadows, and follow the domino effect that can lead to disaster or salvation. The trailer begins in Morocco, where a banker meets his maker and a general loses his credit. Then the whirlwind begins, with a riot, a couple more deaths, and in the end, a military coup has been avoided. "Read between the news feeds, follow the money, join the dots."

Hitman will launch on March 11 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. As developer IO Interactive explained previously , it will be an episodic roll-out, with players having the option of an "intro pack" to get their feet wet.

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6 years ago

Seriously cannot wait for this! Makes me almost forget the dumb episodic style release its going to have.