It was one of the very best strategy/RPG games of the previous generation and now, it's nearing its release on PlayStation 4.

EastAsiaSoft has announced that Rainbow Moon will launch in North America for PS4 on February 16; European gamers get it a day later. The price will be 14.99 / €14.99 / £11.99.

The popular and acclaimed title has been downloaded over 1 million times (for both PS3 and Vita) and the PS4 iteration boasts updated dialogue, improved load times and Cross-Save support across all three PlayStation platforms. Now, concerning the price, bear in mind that if you purchased the game previously on PS3 or Vita, you can get the PS4 version for half price , and this applies to fans in all territories. Not bad, right?

Also, don't forget that the anticipated sequel, Rainbow Skies , is scheduled to arrive on PS4 later this year . Can't wait for that one!

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6 years ago

Sweet! However, I think the Vita is the optimal platform for this game. For me, at least. I just love SRPGs on handhelds (countless hours of the Disgaeas on both PSP and Vita).

6 years ago

Rainbow Moon PS4… Not Rainbow skies. Again with the hopes up