Are you a PlayStation Now subscriber yet? Maybe now's the time to join.

Sony has announced the most popular Now games from 2015, and they've added even more titles to the streaming service, which brings the overall library total to over 300.

The most popular PS Now games, which Sony claims were played for "literally millions of hours," are as follows:

That list isn't too surprising, right? Additionally, 7 new Deep Silver games were added to Now:

These new offerings, combined with the 40 new games added in January , means there are now well over 300 games to try on PlayStation Now. Furthermore, Sony has delivered a brand new feature called "My List," which lets you select games from the library to play at a later date.

An all-you-can-play Now subscription goes for $20/month and gives you access to great titles you can play on all PlayStation platforms as well as PlayStation TV and certain Sony TVs.