While some glitches are just plain creepy , others are fun.

Now, while the award-winning Rocket League is an extremely stable game, one player has stumbled upon something that wasn't supposed to happen. …or was it?

Perhaps "glitch" is the wrong word to use to describe this; maybe "secret" is more accurate. Reddit user UncomfortableNPC managed to exit the game's Wasteland arena, where he could zip around a strange, sand-laden alien world. You can see it in the video below; it appears as if the player got stuck under the ground of the arena, and then zoomed outside. It's pretty nifty. If you wish to try to replicate this, UncomfortableNPC shared his Mutator setting (which might be necessary to make this happen).

In response, developer Psyonix Tweeted out the following:

It's tough to tell if this alien world is actually part of the game. If it is, might it be part of some deeper lore…? Rocket League isn't really the title for "lore," though, so maybe it's just a silly little oops-y the team purposely left in the game.

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6 years ago

Happens all the time in GT. The player simply found a way out of the game's intentional boundaries. As you can tell by the absence of solid ground, it's not really an intentional secret or anything like that.

6 years ago

Here's another player who got out too……