Now I'm starting to worry.

Let me start by saying this: The PlayStation Network was experiencing issues and I didn't notice. Why? I have a life. I'm busy.

I actually found out because a friend of mine said one of his coworkers was totally losing his sh** because the PSN had been down for "over an hour." Apparently, he was actually throwing stuff at the TV. Of course, that's an isolated incident so I shrugged it off and didn't think too much about it. Then, on my way home, I was in Target getting a game-related gift and I overheard one of the employees bitching endlessly about how much the PSN sucks, and why he "can't even use it anymore."

…something is seriously amiss. The people I know who have lives really weren't aware of this PSN issue and if they were, it would have little to no impact. If your life is so dramatically impacted by this, you need to reevaluate and re-prioritize. Rapidly . Yes, I know it can be very frustrating and yes, I believe that when you pay for a service, you expect it to be reliable. But "reliable" is a very relative term, is it not? Whenever I want to use the PSN, it works. Almost always. 99 percent of the time. Usually, when it's down, I don't notice because I don't spend my entire life online. And when I do notice, I do something else .

After Hurricane Irene swept through all those years ago, I enjoyed seeing the result. So much so that I wrote this article . Maybe somebody needs to pen something similar for when our precious PSN disappears for a few hours.