Those intrigued by the development process should check this out.

Developer Ninja Theory has released a new dev diary for its promising new IP, Hellblade . The PlayStation 4 exclusive is a third-person action/adventure that ambitiously "takes creative risks" and tackles tough subjects like mental health.

In the new video (which is actually the 20th episode in the long-running series), the team focuses on movement and control. They show how protagonist Senua came to life thanks to motion capture and as Ninja Theory is funding this project on their own, they had to build their own mocap studio. The idea is to produce a AAA-like experience on an indie budget, which may sound extremely challenging (if not impossible) but this is one talented team.

Any developer that can deliver Heavenly Sword , Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and DmC: Devil May Cry has already proven themselves, as far as we're concerned. And Hellblade really looks awesome.

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6 years ago

Hellblade is very intriguing! Its funny I just finished doing my video game list & its definitely on it.