It'll be available very soon but if you can't wait for a peek, Activision is happy to oblige.

The publisher has released a new preview trailer for Rise, one of the new multiplayer maps featured in the first Call of Duty: Black Ops III expansion, Awakening. Check it out below.

Rise is the largest of the four new maps that come with this expansion; it's a winter setting at a construction site just outside of Zurich. As Activision said in a statement:

"The map design caters to players who use cover to their advantage while satisfying masters of the Call of Duty: Black Ops III​​ core movement system."

The other maps are Skyjacked (a remake of the Hijacked map from Black Ops II ), Splash and Gauntlet. Fans will also receive a new Zombies map called Der Eisendrache and it picks up where The Giant left off. But the publisher isn't done promoting the game's first expansion; they've also released a unique vid that stars Peter Stormore ("Fargo," Until Dawn ), which is absolutely worth watching. It's below the Rise preview below.

Awakening launches for PlayStation platforms on February 2 and it will arrive on Xbox platforms and PC a little later, courtesy of Sony's franchise DLC coup .

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7 years ago

Peter Stormore's great, I've always liked him in everything he's done.
His video here is great too!