It's always nice to see high-quality, intelligent video games succeed.

Designer Jonathan Blow has confirmed via Twitter that his recently released and well-received puzzler The Witness is off to a very quick start.

In less than a week of availability, it's already outpacing his last game, Braid . In fact, the new title has generated more revenue in just 7 days than Braid managed to make in its entire first year . Of course, this is a bigger-budget production by a significant margin ( The Witness sells for $40) and let's not forget that Braid initially released as an Xbox 360 exclusive while the new challenging puzzler is available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Even so, it's an impressive achievement. Furthermore, Blow says his next project can be made "at a comparable budget" or, thanks to this success, potentially a little higher. Success begets success and all that, right? And all this despite some claims of motion sickness and issues for the color-blind and deaf .

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6 years ago

That guy is hilarious!