Not sure about whatever it is Final Fantasy XV is offering as an action JRPG? Here's something that might be more up your alley.

Nights of Azure is coming to PS4 here in the US at the end of March when the gaming season post-holidays is picking up.

From Tecmo-Koei we have the director of Fatal Frame and Deception IV, GUST studios of Atelier fame putting together a very Japanese adventure for those who have been starved. It is a darker story, one of two female heorines facing decisions that will test their missions and loyalties to one another.

The story takes place on an island where night is not a time to be abroad. The island is infested with azure blood demons. In Ruswal not many dare to venture out except the brave. One, Arnice, is a knight of great skill assisted by priestess Lilysee in their fight against the demon horde. As with all epic stories though, things won't be as simple as beating back the physical demons.

Look for giant weapons, a battle system instead of a button masher, hot girls, and high drama.

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