How big will the new Dying Light expansion The Following be?

Oh, pretty darn big.

Previously, Techland producer Tymon Smektala said you could basically fit the two main maps from the game into the new add-on . Now, a new trailer for the upcoming expansion echoes those words, stating that The Following is "twice as big as the map from the original game," and we explore several of the new locations in the fresh footage. This includes a race track, a granary and even a lighthouse. On top of which, there's a huge gameplay addition: Weaponized buggies .

The Following will launch early next month; it will retail for $20 or, if you purchased the $30 Season Pass, you'll get it for no extra cost. If you don't already own the game, you should considering purchasing the Enhanced Edition , which releases on February 6 and includes all DLC along with The Following.

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7 years ago

That's how you do dlc imo. Looking forward to diving back in. Though I have to admit I never got too far in to the main game as the nighttime parts really did a great job of scary the holy guacamole outta me.

7 years ago

Exactly. If you have already a full game in place of say like 20 hours of play how do they expect us to pay $20 for five hours? They only need to reuse the engine. That is, if they do it right with the main game and leave it open for scalability. And Im talking in general for all games.

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