The PlayStation Store is in line for another unique, potentially highly addictive little game.

As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , Organic Panic is heading to PS4 in March. It's the debut title from new studio Last Limb.

Inspired by the likes of classic platformer puzzlers like Lemmings , Worms and LittleBigPlanet , this one is described as a "physics-based puzzle-platformer that pits the main food groups against each other in a chaotically fun and lighthearted battle royale extravaganza!" The whole thing is powered by the D.A.F.T. (Destructible and Fluid Technology) Engine, which means that just about any environmental element, from enemies to objects to weapons, "can be controlled and manipulated in some way."

The final product will boast over 200 "highly refined and totally destructible levels of action and puzzles." We also get a single-player campaign (yay!) along with local couch co-op and versus modes for up to four players. Yep, this could be an absolute gem so keep an eye out for it next month.

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