If Insomniac Games is making it, I probably want it.

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , the talented development studio has revealed a surprisingly surrealistic new game called Song of the Deep . It's coming to PlayStation 4 this summer and it sounds awfully tantalizing.

Obviously, this is a highly artistic and emotional voyage, as evidenced by the text in that blog post. Said Brian Hastings, Chief Creative Officer:

"What I love most about games as a medium is that they can take you to a world you’ve never seen and let you discover it on your own. At Insomniac, inventing new worlds is probably the best part of our job. You might have been inside one of them before. Maybe it was a magical world of dragons, or a fantastic science fiction galaxy. Or maybe it was crazy city where the apocalypse became your playground."

There's no gameplay yet but he says it's a "world where everything is interactive in surprising ways," as each area you explore has its own secrets and mysteries to unlock. The story follows the travels of a young girl named Merryn and it's a narrative that involves "love and heartbreak" and a "seemingly impossible journey." You'll explore a gigantic undersea territory – by free-diving and via submarine – and they're calling it a "metroidvania" style of progression where you're always getting new abilities and figuring out ways to use them so you can bypass obstacles.

You say metroidvania? Okay, now I know I'm in. I can wait on a new Resistance so long as Song of the Deep is freakin' great. To learn more, check out Insomniac's website .

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