Rocket League is undoubtedly one of PSXE's favorite games of 2015.

Hell, it's on just about everyone's favorite game list at this point, right? And February's free update will be of interest to Deadmau5 fans.

As revealed at the game's official Twitter page , this new DLC is based on the EDM artist's trademark mouse hat. You can grab a topper and antenna for your chosen ride; these options are purely cosmetic, of course, but they give the game a little extra flair. By the way, Deadmau5 performed at the 2015 Game Awards during an Xbox One launch event, and he was featured in the DJ Hero franchise as well. One of his songs was even used in a Project CARS launch trailer, so this guy is certainly familiar with the industry.

Additionally, the February update for Rocket League will end the first season of competitive play. Season 2, boasting new divisions and titles, will begin at a later date. Gonna play?

By the way, the game in question earned our Best Sports/Racing game award for 2015 .

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6 years ago

I love electronica, but I'm not too fond of Deadmau5 as to me, all his stuff sounds about the same like it was just 1 long extended cut.
And I've listened through a few of his Utube concerts too.
But that's just me.

Good for those who like him though.

Last edited by BikerSaint on 1/28/2016 12:09:15 PM