Well, this is odd.

While The Witness , the new puzzler from Braid creator Jonathan Blow, is getting plenty of critical acclaim , it's also causing a big problem for many: Motion sickness.

As noted by Kotaku UK , some gamers say playing the game makes them feel nauseous; you can find similar complaints at Reddit , NeoGAF and Steam . A few of the afflicted are saying it's so bad that they simply can't play the game until it's fixed. Here's what someone on Reddit claimed:

"This is rare for me when it comes to first person games, but I can't play this game without getting motion sick after a short time. I'm seeing a lot of the same reports on NeoGAF, and was wondering if anyone here is having the same issue. There is something weird about the character movement or viewport causing this. I tried raising the FOV and that didn't seem to help, but I am still sick from playing last time. I really hope this is addressed, because I wont be able to continue until it is."

Blow has responded on his Twitter page , saying he's going to work on something that might address this issue. Some believe it has to do with the FOV (Field of Vision) perspective, while others blame the brightness of the colors:

"I almost have to vomit (not because it's bad). I think the colors are too bright, my eyes are also hurting a little bit."

For me, I haven't noticed any motion sickness issues but the eye strain does seem to be a little more pronounced (then again, I'm very prone to that issue). Let's also not forget that first-person games commonly cause motion sickness problems, but typically only for those who aren't used to the perspective. It's weird that seasoned gamers appear to be getting sick with The Witness .

Well, let's hope Blow can do something about it because the game is pretty darn good.