Fighting games aren't known for their narratives.

But that isn't stopping Capcom from putting some serious effort into the Story Mode in the upcoming Street Fighter V .

The developer confirmed to GameSpot that fans will receive a "free, expanded story mode" in June. This will offer over an hour of cinematic content and fill in the plot gaps between Street Fighter IV and the latest title. The first trailer for that DLC is below.

Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono said the expanded story segment will be different from the story elements featured at launch:

"We have two approaches that we're actually taking. First and foremost, there are the character stories, which are really serving as a prologue in terms of getting people up to speed with what's happening in Street Fighter 5, and it's very similar to what you see in other Street Fighter titles–it has still screenshots, conversations, and banter between characters."

Ono added that he's not merely talking about standard illustrations, as this new expanded mode will feature in-game models and "everything will happen in real time." And to repeat, it is indeed coming free of charge in June. This could really help to expand the game's longevity…provided the fans actually care about the story and characters.

Lastly, Capcom confirmed there'd be one final beta test; it will begin at 12:01 a.m. PST on January 30 and run through February 1. Street Fighter V will release on PlayStation 4 and PC on February 16 and hey, you should definitely consider that excellent guide !