To many, the battle for role-playing game of 2015 featured the same two games as the ultimate battle for overall Game of the Year: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Fallout 4 .

One could argue that CD Projekt Red's epic offering came out on top, leading the way in nominations for both the DICE awards and the GDC awards . And of course, it won our illustrious Game of the Year Award as well.

But the fiercely loyal fanbase for Fallout 4 shouldn't underestimated, so I'm just wondering: What do people want more? Another Witcher or Fallout adventure? Obviously, we'll have to wait a good long time for both, but it's fun to consider the future. CD Projekt Red is currently toiling away on Cyberpunk 2077 and Bethesda will deliver Dishonored 2 later this year (and yes, I know it's being developed by Arkane Studios). The point is, we'll have plenty of other great titles to play in the meantime but after playing last year's awesome RPG adventures, which sequel would you want more right now?

I've never liked Fallout so my answer is obvious. But I'll be plenty happy with the next expansion for The Witcher 3 ; Blood and Wine should be absolutely magnificent, and Hearts of Stone was awesome . But those Fallout 4 fanatics are pretty darn serious…