There's no doubt that Sony is putting a ton of money and resources into their virtual reality endeavor.

And they know it can't be more than a passing fad . However, we wanted to know if gamers were ready to jump aboard the bandwagon in 2016 and according to our latest poll, the answer is…muddy.

The responses were all over the place, with only a slight majority saying they wouldn't get it this year but perhaps later, and a lot more saying they'd either never get it, or it's a day-one purchase. Statistically speaking, there's only one word for these results: Inconclusive. Maybe it doesn't matter that PlayStation VR has the software edge ; it seems a lot of consumers simply aren't sold on the idea just yet. Perhaps it'll be one of those "you have to see it to believe it" things but if so, the response from participants thus far has been pretty darn positive .

Now, this week we get Braid designer Jonathan Blow's anticipated new puzzler, The Witness . Are you excited? It was recently priced at $40 and the developer claims it's about "10x as big as Braid." So, getting it this week? Not sure? Let us know.