It's bound to be a ceaseless, ultra-colorful multiplayer gem, and now we get a peek at two more characters.

Gearbox Software has revealed a couple new characters for their first-person shooter Battleborn : Ghalt and Deande; their introductory trailers are below.

Ghalt likes to dual-wield revolver shotguns with eight-shot magazines, and he even has a hook that can yank foes closer so they're within range of his weapons. He also has access to traps that can stun enemies. Deande is no less deadly, as she brings fan blade knives into the fray, which are capable of landing up-close-and-person melee attacks as well as ranged attacks. Her special ability is a hologram-AI decoy (which explodes after 8 seconds, or upon her death), and she has Burst Dashing, which knocks opponents backward and weakens them.

In a press release, publisher 2K said that both Ghalt and Deande are actually "integral to the plot of Battleborn 's Story Mode." Yes, there is a story here; Ghalt is the leader of the Battleborn group, and Deande works from the shadows and sabotages enemies. You can enjoy this story experience solo or by playing co-op with up to five players. If you're wondering, split-screen local multiplayer is also a feature, and that's a good thing.

After a delay, Battleborn is now scheduled to launch on May 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. And hey, if you're interested in ridiculous stats , this game has 'em in spades…

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7 years ago

Creepy uncanny valley.