Firstly, let me say I agree completely with Sony's PlayStation VR goals .

From a PR standpoint, it's true that consumers can't see this as just another passing fad, and the software support absolutely has to be there. Sony says they've got over 100 titles in development now , so that's good.

But I wonder if PlayStation VR will really generate more interest in PlayStation 4. It seems Sony is banking on this virtual reality device to increase sales of the console in question, which isn't out of the realm of possibility but I do wonder: If you don't yet own a PS4, will this device really convince you to purchase the system? This is not for the casual market – at least, not out of the gate – so you're really only targeting hardcore gamers, I think. And most of them either already have a PS4 or they have good reasons why they don't.

And if a consumer is only interested in VR and is simply looking for the best platform to experience VR entertainment, are they really going for PS4? Sure, PlayStation VR might be a lot cheaper than Oculus Rift ($600), but then again, the latter is a higher-end device, right? Will the combination of lots of games and a more accessible price coerce the intrigued VR consumer to spring for PS4 and PlayStation VR? That's probably a minimum combined price of $800 with tax and everything, so it's not exactly "cheap."

And lastly, while Sony has gotten better in recent years, it remains a sad truth that they're just not that great about promotion. Their first-party titles still don't receive enough hype as far as I'm concerned. Considering all this, how much will PlayStation VR really bolster hardware sales of PS4? Again, I wonder…