Most developers just give you a quick peek at the map and that's it.

But Techland has always been a bit more creative than most. And don't forget that the map for the upcoming Dying Light expansion The Following is pretty huge.

To reveal this map, Techland has launched a unique campaign involving Twitter and Twitch . When you Tweet @DyingLightGame using the hashtag #TweetForSpeed, a "specially modified" slot car will race around a track. In so doing, it will clear away the fog from the map and reveal more content; the further the car goes, the more you'll see. Said community manager Michal Napora: "The idea came from the current trend of connecting anything and everything to the Internet."

This campaign will play out in real time and it's just getting going, so be patient.

The Following is due out on February 9 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC; the new Enhanced Edition of the complete game – which just went gold – comes out the same day. The Following will go for $30 but if you picked up the game's Season Pass ($20), it'll come at no additional cost.

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