Oh man…children of the '80s, unite!

You probably haven't heard of it but after reading this, you're gonna go buy it. I mean, if you love retro-styled games and you retain a soft spot for good ol' Saturday morning cartoons. And really, who doesn't?

As RPGamer announced, developer Mighty Rabbit is bringing Saturday Morning RPG to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. In this totally rad adventure, a strange entity called The Wizard has given high school student Marty unbelievable magical powers. Now, Marty has to battle the evil forces of HOOD in classic JRPG-style combat, and these confrontations will apparently include everything from moonwalking to playing Pong . Yeah.

As you might expect, the pop culture references will be frequent, so it's obviously geared toward we older gamers. The developer has released a few new screenshots, a brand new trailer (check it out below), and the online retailer Limited Run will have both versions of the game available on launch day. That's January 29, by the way.

Both the PS4 and Vita versions will retail for only $24.99 but if you want the soundtrack bundled in, you'll have to pay $39.99. And hey, I'm willing to bet that soundtrack is well worth the extra $15.

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6 years ago

Totally rad?!?….Oh no!

6 years ago

Or you could get the PC version for $7. With the soundtrack it's $14.