Sony has several goals for their new virtual reality device, and one of them is to prove to the gaming public that VR is not merely a fad.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia President Atsushi Morita spoke to Famitsu in a new interview (via DualShockers ), and he revealed the company's PR plans for PlayStation VR.

The first step is immersion; Morita says players have to feel as if they're actually in the game. That is, of course, the primary goal of virtual reality. Secondly, the company wants the consumer to understand the PlayStation VR and PS4 "are to be experienced together." The idea is that VR will get more people interested in the PlayStation brand, which will ultimately lead to more PS4 console sales. Then the third element is supporting game developers, and to even "welcome ideas that aren't games."

But after all that, Morita emphasized one point: Sony wants to make sure PlayStation VR isn't just a "boom" because that's only temporary. Instead of a brief fad, they want VR to become an "established entertainment experience." And that will be the biggest hurdle of all, as far as I'm concerned.

Recently, GameStop CEO Paul Raines said Sony's VR device has the current software edge , and Sony claims there are over 100 titles currently in development .