JRPG fans are anxiously anticipating this game, and crossing their fingers that it will be something special.

And while the recently released trailer is in Japanese, we also get a great look at some background and gameplay for the upcoming Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness .

Also known as Star Ocean 5 , this new entry from tri-Ace and Square Enix will center on protagonist Fidel Camuze, a 23-year-old fencer who comes from the kingdom of Resulia. Fidel swears to protect the public order of Sthal during the period known as "The Dark Seven Years" and as you can see, his skill with a blade is significant. But don't forget that this franchise often boasts lots of playable characters, so you'll be able to experiment with numerous other party members.

The new Star Ocean is slated to launch on March 31 in Japan on PS3 and PS4, and will come to North American PS4s only later this year. For more screens and details, click here .