The original had its fair share of detractors.

Some said it didn't live up to the hype, then there was that blowup about how the massively circulated trailers didn't match the final product. And when the game released, there were a myriad of login issues and other problems .

Even so, we maintain that Watch Dogs was a pretty great game and one worthy of a sequel. In fact, the first title laid down one of the most solid and possibility-laden foundations of any new IP we'd seen in a long time. The premise could be taken in a hundred different directions and while the original's narrative was a trifle disappointing, there's all kinds of room to grow.

Now, we're hearing that Assassin's Creed might skip 2016 and to fill the holiday void, Ubisoft will give us Watch Dogs 2 . If true, this means you can expect the hype train to start rolling out of the station any day now. This follow-up effort might just be the most anticipated sequel of 2016 and indeed, one of the most anticipated sequels of the entire generation. We have no idea if they'll bring back protagonist Aiden Pearce or if we'll be in the same environment but either way, we love the idea of building on that aforementioned foundation.

We also wonder if the developers will use this opportunity to go time-hopping as they do in AC. Of course, considering the theme, we can't really go back in time but might we rocket farther ahead into the future…? No matter what, color us intrigued right now.

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