Virtual reality gaming is going to be one of those "you have to see it to believe it" experiences.

The best we can do until then is to see the reactions of others, which is why you should check out the video below.

As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , this video shows you what it's like to play the upcoming PlayStation VR title, RIGS Mechanized Combat League . Greg Miller from Kinda Funny and other willing participants show you what the game is all about; it's basically a futuristic shooter with a lot of verticality. And as you can see, those who tried it were awfully pleased with the result.

Sony hopes everyone who tries PlayStation VR will have the same reaction when the device launches later this year. Recently, GameStop CEO Paul Raines said Sony had the software edge for the time being, and given the $600 price tag for Oculus Rift, we think Sony's virtual reality option might be very attractive , as it could be priced around $400.