Thanks to that hugely diverse and wildly entertaining grappling hook in Just Cause 3 , you really can fly. Basically.

But it's a lot funnier when you make other virtual humans fly.

For example, see what YouTuber Corps Peau Rate decided to do with a bunch of NPCs: In the newly posted video "Rico's Space Program or 13 Human Rockets Blasting Off and More!" Rico attaches boosters and tethers to the Medici citizens and sends them flying into the ionosphere. And this launching program goes well beyond people, as he also launches a cow, a boat and a Port-A-Potty.

See, this is the kind of wild and crazy fun you can have if you're inventive, and you have access to certain freedom-oriented games and imaginary tools. If you want more unbridled creativity, check out the giant Jenga game one fan created in Avalanche's off-the-wall action title.

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