Well, it only makes sense. Wet our whistles for the sequel, right?

Another PS2 classic will join the growing list of playable titles on PS4 this spring, and its name is Psychonauts .

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , the iconic platformer that first released back in 2005 will land on Sony's newest console. Now, we're assuming it will be available as part of Sony's relatively new PS2 classics initiative , which brings PS2 games to PS4 with upgrades like 1080p HD, Trophies, and Share Play support. There are currently ten games on that list; the Grand Theft Auto classics are on there, as well Twisted Metal: Black , Dark Cloud , PaRappa the Rapper 2 and The Mark of Kri .

And it'll be great to have Psychonauts , because we can play the iconic title in preparation for the sequel, which is in the works at Double Fine thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign . The project hit the largest crowdfunding goal for a video game ever ($3.3 million), so that should tell you how much people want it.

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6 years ago

If you've never played it back in 2005, here's your chance……