We just can't wait to see Ratchet & Clank reborn on PlayStation 4.

Previously, we learned the North American release date for this anticipated remake was April 12 and now, the European dates are official.

As announced over at the Euro PlayStation Blog , the re-imagining of this PS2 classic will land on April 15 in France, and April 20 everywhere else in the PAL region.

They also showed off the box art, which is pretty slick, huh? If you're unfamiliar, Ratchet and Clank for PS4 will tell a new version of the original story. As it coincides with the upcoming movie, the game tells the story from Captain Qwark's perspective, so that will offer a different twist on events. Additionally, we can expect refined controls, all-new bosses, new flight sequences, and new areas to explore.

Remember, developer Insomniac Games rebuilt this action/platforming classic from scratch for the new hardware, and it just looks amazing .

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6 years ago

Impressive tech running behind this game. Really loving the visuals <3 I guess it's time to wield that wrench again!